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Covid -19 Update

Our hearts go out to those families and friends who have lost someone to this virus. 

On June 27th, 2021 we took our web site down. This was our response in an attempt to make some difficult decisions based on the impact of the virus. At that time, our products were still being sold on Amazon, but this did not diminish the continued issues we knew we were facing. 

We are definitely not in a boat by ourselves on this one. We have heard and read of many companies, big and small, that have been hit hard during the shut-downs. Sadly, some of them will recover and some won't. Bucky Trading Co. is leaning toward the latter of these two. As of September 8th, 2021, we will be shutting down the production of our fire starters. 

The Bucky fire starter will stay on Amazon until that inventory is exhausted. We have geared up to sell on our web site until our in-house inventory is gone. This will also include selling our unfinished goods. There is no telling what we will find in the back of the store room. As updates occur we will post them here. 

Always continue your quest to safely discover the great outdoors. 

About Us

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We love what we do! The Bucky Trading Company was imagined by a 30-year, service disabled military veteran with a new mission - create and offer innovative, environmentally friendly, and easy to use products for the outdoor enthusiast. Our simple motto of, “go outside and play”, promotes spending more quality time with your children, family, and friends. Helping our customers to create great memories is our passion and #1 goal! We won't settle for second best and always have your satisfaction as our top priority. It’s who we are, and we are proud of it.

For the outdoor enthusiast!

Hike, camp, and backyard fun -- enjoy the beauty of nature!

 Camping, grilling, or creating that 
perfect romantic setting? 

Take the guess work out of easily starting a wood fire or charcoal grill. Engineered for simplicity, this planet friendly fire starter is a special blend of waxes and natural fibers that replaces the need for hazardous
starter fluids, kindling, or paper. Spend less time starting your fire and more time creating
great memories.

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